About Us

Our Core Values of Honesty, Integrity, Creativity, and Fun drive us to become Trusted Advisers to our clients.
We love empowering our customers, solving their problems, and making their vision of the future a reality.

It is our belief that Cloud Technologies such as Salesforce, Google, and Amazon Web Services
are best of breed solutions that will provide the highest ROI for our clients.

Seriously, we are super geeks for these technologies. =)

However, we are our Client's Partner first and foremost,
and if the technology is not right for them at that time,
for that project, we will let them know.

Our hope for every client is that through delivering excellent service and solutions,
and by setting up our clients for ongoing success post Production Go-Live, we will continue to
be their Trusted Adviser for new projects, new initiatives, and new business transformations.

Based in Maine, and founded in 2017, Escapist Reality has provided consulting solutions and services
to clients all across the United States. We specialize in the Health Care and Health Insurance markets,
and implementing Salesforce solutions such as Health Cloud for Medicare Advantage clients.